We Are Unique . . . Because YOU Are

Medical literature explains a surprising number of distinct sleep disorders, and the highly-trained, board-certified clinicians at NY Metro Sleep are knowledgeable about those textbook conditions. Our doctors, however, treat not "cases" but people, and your unique difficulties with sleep require our special attention and care. replica watches

Yes, we will use the latest available technology and therapies designed to improve your sleep patterns, but we promise also to understand how your unique physical, mental and emotional makeup can best contribute to sleep success. In that regard, our approach in working with you on sleep solutions is as unique as you are. Leading you to sound, relaxing sleep is the best marker of success for both you and our team.

Our Medical Helping Hand

Means No Patient "Handoffs"

Ever been through a medical revolving door, with a doctor at one facility handing you off to a new doctor at another location who hands you off still again to a distant point? We aim to eliminate such hassle at NY Metro Sleep. Our team and its comprehensive approach is committed to accompanying you through whatever steps are required to lead you to better bedtimes.

How does that work, specifically? Our program for Obstructive Sleep Apnea provides a perfect illustration. Our staff will seek detailed information about your symptoms and sleep habits, conduct a sleep study if necessary, and prescribe a treatment, which in many cases calls for use of a CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) machine. NY Metro Sleep will provide the machine, train you in its use, and be there with follow up assistance as you begin its use. You need only our phone number to get the answers or help you need.

Our Accredited Professional Staff

Dr. Rajendra Rampersaud

Dr. Rajendra M. Rampersaud is a Board Certified Pulmonologist who holds and additional Board Certification in Sleep Medicine. Dr. Rampersaud is the Medical Director of NY MetroSleep After Graduating from the University of the East in Manila, Philippines, Dr. Rampersaud began his Residency in Internal Medicine at Saint Vincent Catholic Medical Centers in Jamaica, New York.

Dr. Michael Mandel

Dr. Michael Mandel received his Doctorate degree from Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons in 1983 and has been working in the medical field ever since. While at St. Luke’s Hospital at Columbia University in New York, he completed his Medical internship and Residency, and Medical Chief Residency.

Dr. Boris Dubrovsky

Dr. Boris Dubrovsky obtained his PhD in Psychology from The City University of New York in 2006 and works at NY Metro Sleep as a Psychologist who specializes in Insomnia. He completed his Post-Doctoral Fellowship at the Center for Sleep Medicine at Weill Medical College of Cornell.

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